NCLEX Question of the Week #11

Many documents fall under the category of an advanced directive. One of the most common legal documents is called “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care” and works to:

  1. Review a person’s personal preferences for medical care in the future.
  2. Authorize another person to make medical decisions for a person, should they themselves be unable.
  3. Assign a legal authority in making medical decisions while honoring the spoken word of the family.
  4. Define what care should be administered or withheld by health care professionals, no matter which medical facility the patient finds themselves in.

NCLEX Question of the Week #10

A 30-year old patient is in the Emergency Department suffering from seizures related to alcohol withdrawal. They will soon be admitting this patient to the non-medical psychiatric care unit. The psychiatric nurse knows that, in order to keep this patient safe, he must perform which priority nursing action?

A. Ask the physician for a prescription for clonazepam, an anxiolytic that may help with the withdrawal symptoms

B. Ensure that a working IV pump is set up and ready to work at the patient’s bedside.

C. Order a STAT arterial blood gas lab.

D. Pad the side rails of the patient’s assigned bed.