NCLEX Question of the Week #9

9. Fundal height generally increases gradually throughout pregnancy. What explanation would the nurse give the pregnant mother whose fundal height has decreased from 36 to 40 weeks’ gestation?

  1. Fetal engagement
  2. Intrauterine Growth Restriction
  3. Possible premature labor
  4. Evidence of substance abuse


Topic: Health Promotion and Maintenance, Intrapartum Care


NCLEX Question of the Week #7

7. A 63 year-old male is being seen in the clinic for his annual exam. Before performing a digital rectal exam, which of the following questions should the nurse ask?

  1. “Are you exercising regularly?”
  2. “Has your diet changed dramatically in the past year?”
  3. “Have you had any difficulty starting a stream of urine with you attempt to use the toilet?”
  4. “Are you currently experiencing constipation?”


Topic: Health Promotion and Maintenance/Aging Process